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Benedict GmbH

© Benedict GmbH
Benedict GmbH
Lieblgasse 7
1220 Wien
+43/1/251 51-60660
© Benedict GmbH
© Benedict GmbH

Benedict is a leading manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear. In addition to the standard product ranges Benedict also works with our customers to provide market and customer-specific product solutions:

• Switchgear featuring the latest connection technologies
• Modern DC controlled contactors with pick-up power < 3 W
• Temperature-resistant up to +90 ̊C and climate-proof
• Equipment with improved switching characteristics

The range:

- Industrial contactors from 4 kW to 680kW
- Capacitor contactors from 12.5 kVAr to 100 kVAr
- Modular contactors from 20A to 63A
- Cam switches from 10A to 1600A
- Main switches from 20A to 160A
- Circuit breakers from 32A to 100A
- Push buttons and illuminated buttons
- DC Switch Disconnectors for Solar-Photovoltaic 58A (1.000V)

Company ID: 168847 - GW ID(s): 30423