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Berglandmilch eGen

© Berglandmilch eGen
Berglandmilch eGen
Schärdinger-Platz 1
3361 Aschbach Markt
+43 7476 77311-0
+43 7476 77311-112
© Berglandmilch eGen

Berglandmilch eGen is the largest dairy in Austria and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. With around 1,600 employees, Berglandmilch and its subsidiaries processes more than 1.2 billion kilos of milk under the brand names Schärdinger, Desserta, Tirol Milch, Latella, Landfrisch, Stainzer, Alpi and Alpiland etc.

Its farmers produce GMO-free raw milk through the use of 100% GMO-free feed exclusively.
Berglandmilch production takes place at 12 sites in Austria and the innovative product range extends from drinking milk and yoghourts to cheese, butter and cheese specialities.

Company ID: 24 - GW ID(s): 34150