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BiologoN GmbH

© BiologoN GmbH
BiologoN GmbH
Mühltal 4
6305 Itter
+43 5332 760 27
+43 5332 760 27-49
© BiologoN GmbH
© BiologoN GmbH

BiologoN produces high-quality muesli and crunchy from ingredients which are 100% organic and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Every product comes from organic farms, contains no artificial flavouring, colours, E-numbers or preservatives and everything produced is naturally GM-free.

International food standards are maintained throughout the production process.

The proprietary brand “BioLifestyle” involves the production of top-quality mueslis and crunchies, offering clear health benefits at a fair price. BiologoN GmbH also supplies the private label sector. The cereal range is complemented by various nuts, dried fruits and Flapjacks.

Company ID: 264 - GW ID(s): 35389