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Citrosuco GmbH

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Citrosuco GmbH
Handelskai 94-96 Millennium Tower
1200 Wien
+43 1 2361213
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+43 1 236121366

Wanted: Direct Customers

© Citrosuco GmbH

Orange and grapefruit direct juices, orange and grapefruit juice concentrates

We are seeking companies with filling lines for alcohol-free beverages in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

We produce orange direct juice, grapefruit direct juice, orange and grapefruit juice concentrates and orange cells (pulp) for the juice industry and by-products such as oils, pellets, terpenes and essences for the food, cleaning, fragrance, cosmetics and animal feed industries.

Company ID: 166066 - GW ID(s): 30864