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Cosmoterra Ernährungsberatungs GmbH

© Cosmoterra Ernährungsberatungs GmbH
Cosmoterra Ernährungsberatungs GmbH
Moosham 29
5585 Unternberg
+43 6476 651-701
+43 664 3435332
+43 6476 651-777

Wanted: Sales Partners

© Cosmoterra Ernährungsberatungs GmbH

Innovative nutritional products
Food supplements (capsules, elixirs, powders) and cosmetics

Continuous research and development are the basis for our latest products:

- TAUROS capsules (for male fertility)
- NATAL capsules (for pregnancy and during the lactation period)
- JOINT ACTIVE capsules (for elastic cartilage and joints)
- VITAMIN D3 drops (for the bones, teeth and immune system)
- LECITHIN PLUS powder (for relaxation, homocysteine and cholesterol balance, as well as liver function)

We are seeking qualified distributors and importers for our products.

Company ID: 63 - GW ID(s): 30040