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Courtwall GmbH

© Courtwall GmbH
Courtwall GmbH
Heiligenstädter Straße 82-90/99
1190 Wien
© Courtwall GmbH
© Courtwall GmbH

Courtwall is one of the three leading international providers for squash and racquetball court construction. PADEL courts are a new addition to the program.
The company provides consultancy services for planning and drawing up feasibility studies, through to planning/conceptualisation of the business development and the marketing of squash and/or racquetball courts and now Padel courts.
In the area of golf court wall offers high-tech golf swing analysis equipment to golf & sports simulators, enabling maximum but weather-independent golf games and other 11 sports at the highest level.

For golf, Courtwall supplies high-tech golf swing analysis devices, as well as golf and sport simulators that enable golfing and 11 other sports to be played realistically and at the highest level, independently of the weather.

Company ID: 141292 - GW ID(s): 32450