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Ennstal Milch KG

© Ennstal Milch KG
Ennstal Milch KG
Bahnhofstraße 182
8950 Stainach
+43 3682 285-14
+43 3682
+43 3682 285-614

Wanted: Sales Partners

© Ennstal Milch KG

Private labelling for drinks and dairy products
We will provide you with innovative product recipes!

We are seeking partners, for whom we can produce products under their own brand. We ensure an innovative packaging and highest product quality to guarantee proper attention at the point of sale.

We are also looking for distributors for our own brand Landessa: iced coffees, chai latte and cocoa as well as quark cream, condensed milk and also finest cheeses such as blue veined cheese, camembert etc.

Industry sectors:

Food and drink

Company ID: 240 - GW ID(s): 33446