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Ennstal Milch KG

© Ennstal Milch KG
Ennstal Milch KG
Bahnhofstraße 182
8950 Stainach
+43 3682 285-14
+43 3682 285-614
© Ennstal Milch KG
© Ennstal Milch KG

The core competencies of Ennstal Milch KG are as a co-manufacturer in the development and production of:

- Ready-to-drink (RTD) dairy drinks / coffee drinks / water-based drinks
- Desserts

A variety of packaging options, including the innovative and unique cartocan®, leave nothing to be desired.

In addition to these segments, Ennstal Milch KG is also a specialist in the production of condensed milk, spreads, dips and soft cheeses (e.g. Camembert, blue veined cheese, wine cheese and red veined cheese), .

All products are made from best alpine milk and are also available in organic form!

Company ID: 240 - GW ID(s): 33446