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F. Kröpfl ObsthandelsgmbH

© F. Kröpfl ObsthandelsgmbH
F. Kröpfl ObsthandelsgmbH
Sebersdorf 274
8272 Sebersdorf
+43 3333 20 33-0
+43 3333
+43 3333 20 33-4
© F. Kröpfl ObsthandelsgmbH

F. Kröpfl Obsthandelsgesellschaft mbH was established more than 50 years ago and has developed from a family firm to one of the biggest fruit trading companies in Austria. The latest storage technologies preserve the "just picked" freshness of up to 35,000 tons of apples throughout the entire marketing season.
Very modern, fully automated sorting and packing lines guarantee the fulfilment of specific customer wishes. The exclusive Mozart, Q.App and Monika brands are established in the market.

Business relationships built on trust and the willingness to meet new challenges are amongst the highest priorities. As a result F. Kröpfl guarantees efficient working practices and best quality certified to meet AMA GAP (GLOBAL G.A.P.), IFS, QS and ORGANIC standards.

Company ID: 140348 - GW ID(s): 34054