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Glock GmbH

© Glock GmbH
Glock GmbH
Gaston Glock-Platz 1
2232 Deutsch-Wagram
+43 2247 90300-0
+43 2247 90300-312
© Glock GmbH
© Glock GmbH

With the introduction of the GLOCK "Safe Action" pistol at the beginning of the 1980s GLOCK set new international standards in the field of small arms. Never before had it been possible to combine absolute safety, maximum simplicity of operation and speed in a pistol that is additionally distinguished by perfect ergonomics, minimal weight and low investment and maintenance costs.

"Perfection" stands for our commitment to uncompromising quality, state-of-the-art production methods and total customer orientation. This is guaranteed by GLOCK's status as a privately-owned and independent corporation.

Company ID: 3372 - GW ID(s): 29759