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Hitzinger GmbH

© Hitzinger GmbH
Hitzinger GmbH
Helmholtzstraße 56
4021 Linz
+43 732 38 16 81 0
+43 732 38 16 81 4
© Hitzinger GmbH
© Hitzinger GmbH

Hitzinger is based in Upper Austria and enjoys an international reputation as a manufacturer of special electric machines.
These include generators, converters and airport equipment for supplying power to aircraft on the ground and uninterrupted power supplies for data centres, hospitals, airports and industrial applications.

Continuous further development ensures the highest technological and quality standards. Three subsidiaries in Singapore, the USA and the UK and more than 40 agencies worldwide guarantee first-class service and power "at the critical moment". Anywhere. Anytime.

Company ID: 6410 - GW ID(s): 36898