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IMS Höllinger GmbH

© IMS Höllinger GmbH
IMS Höllinger GmbH
Johann Winter Gasse 29
3021 Pressbaum
+43 2233 570 88
+43 2233 570 88-15
© IMS Höllinger GmbH
© IMS Höllinger GmbH

Höllinger since has been synonymous with great taste and natural quality since 1998, is the market leader in the Austrian direct juice segment and exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Conventional range:
• Styrian directly pressed apple juice, naturally cloudy
• Vitamin apple, naturally cloudy (60% directly pressed juice + 40% still water)
• Apple Sprizz (with directly pressed apple juice)

Organic range:
• Organic directly pressed juices and fruit juices
• Organic school juices
• Organic sprizz & refreshments
• Organic cola
• Organic fruit syrups
• Organic partydrink
• NEW: Organic Ice Tea Lemon

The company is your strong partner for top quality natural drinks thanks to years of experience and close collaboration with the trade and consumers!

Company ID: 12055 - GW ID(s): 30817