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Ing. Sumetzberger GMBH.

© Ing. Sumetzberger GMBH.
Ing. Sumetzberger GMBH.
Leberstraße 108-110
1110 Wien
+43 1 740 35-0
+43 1 740 35-200
© Ing. Sumetzberger GMBH.

Ing. Sumetzberger GMBH., based in Vienna/Austria, was founded in 1921 and is now an internationally successful company that stands for innovation, competence and quality.

Sumetzberger is a technological leader in the field of pneumatic tube systems that provide internal transport solutions in the following sectors:
• Hospitals
• Trade
• Commerce
• Industry and
• Administration

Sumetzberger maintains its market leadership by a continuous stream of new, forward-looking developments and solutions such as the auto unload system. Its global distribution network comprises some 50 representative offices.

Company ID: 185 - GW ID(s): 28186