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Koerner Chemieanlagenbau GmbH

© Koerner Chemieanlagenbau GmbH
Koerner Chemieanlagenbau GmbH
Am Bahnhof 26
8551 Wies
+43/3465/25 13
+43/3465/21 18

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© Koerner Chemieanlagenbau GmbH

Turnkey hot dip galvanizing plants
Steel products with a long lifespan

Koerner builds turnkey hot dip galvanizing plants. Their purpose is to coat steel products with a layer of zinc. This is an efficient way of protecting products against corrosion and significantly increases their lifespan.

Target groups:
Companies in the construction industry who currently import galvanized steel products from abroad. Above a particular annual level of steel usage, it is economic for companies to galvanize steel products themselves.

Company ID: 2395 - GW ID(s): 35030