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Landhof GesmbH & Co KG

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Landhof GesmbH & Co KG
Lederergasse 59
4020 Linz
+43/732/798 02-0
+43/732/798 02-289

Wanted: Co-operation Partners

© Landhof GesmbH & Co KG

VEGIONE: Vegetarian specialities WITHOUT meat and WITHOUT soy

Landhof GmbH & Co KG is seeking new business partners in the foodstuffs retailing and discount stores sector and also distributors worldwide for its innovative meat substitute products such as meat-free mortadella and ‘meat’ loaf and now meatless ‘Frankfurter’ sausages. The meatless specialties do not contain soy or gluten. They are HALAL certified and aimed specifically at the large group of flexitarians and vegetarians.

Industry sectors:

Food and drink

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