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LuxxFloor GmbH

© LuxxFloor GmbH
LuxxFloor GmbH
Salzburger Straße 205
4030 Linz
+43 732 37 07 43
+43 732 37 07 43-3
© LuxxFloor GmbH
© LuxxFloor GmbH

The LUXXFLOOR Group has been successful in the world market for more than 20 years and invests continually in the research and development of new materials so as to continue in the future as a leader for new products, trends and designs in the international market. One of the most prominent projects in the history of the company was the restoration of the interasian floors in the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg.

The new product "3D floor" promises not only a unique design, it also has important material characteristics such as:

• Optimum resistance to wear
• Durability
• Beautiful form
• Fire resistance
• UV-stable and water-tight
• Easy to clean

Company ID: 295565 - GW ID(s): 36192