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Maschinenfabrik Laska GmbH

© Maschinenfabrik Laska GmbH
Maschinenfabrik Laska GmbH
Makartstraße 60
4050 Traun
+43 7229 606 0
+43 7229 606 400

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© Maschinenfabrik Laska GmbH

Food processing machines and plants, especially for the meat industry

The range comprises:

- Cutters: universal production of cooked and uncooked sausages
- Mincers: angle mincers, frozen meat mincers and mixer/grinders
- Mixers: optimal mixing performance
- Micor-cutter emulsifiers: continuous and efficient production of cooked sausages
- Frozen meat cutters: preliminary cutting to ensure effective further processing
- Production lines: individually customised, fully automated processing lines

Company ID: 3610 - GW ID(s): 32926