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Meteka GmbH

© Meteka GmbH
Meteka GmbH
Viktor-Kaplan-Straße 7
8750 Judenburg
+43/3572/851 66
+43/3572/851 66-6
Waste disinfection device  © Meteka GmbH
Food disinfection device  © Meteka GmbH

Meteka GmbH is a leading provider of system solutions for the decontamination of infectious waste and waste water.

• Medical waste: Collection, transport and microwave disinfection of waste carried out "on-site" in puncture-proof containers - a safe, economical and environmentally friendly solution.
• Infectious waste water: Individually adjustable sterilization devices provide customers with secure, fully automated decontamination of contaminated waste water.
• Food disinfection: HF thermal disinfection technology disinfects all sorts of pre-cooked food, thus assisting the healing process of immuno-suppressed patients.

Company ID: 315 - GW ID(s): 35120