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Mosdorfer GmbH

© Mosdorfer GmbH
Mosdorfer GmbH
Mosdorfergasse 1
8160 Weiz
+43 3172 25 05-0
+43 3172 25 05-29
© Mosdorfer GmbH
© Mosdorfer GmbH

Mosdorfer specialises in the development of fittings and damping systems for high-voltage overhead transmission lines and is strategic partner of the world-wide power supply industry.

Latest high-tech simulation based on broad experience allows the development of safe products in shortest time. Besides complete turnkey-systems, always adapted to local conditions, also specific customised components are offered.

The product portfolio includes:
• String fittings
• Fittings for OPGW, OPPC and ADSS
• Damping systems
• Insulators and end fittings
• Fittings for high temperature conductors

Company ID: 63823 - GW ID(s): 30879