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Pona sonst nix GmbH & Co KG

© Pona sonst nix GmbH & Co KG
Pona sonst nix GmbH & Co KG
Siebensterngasse 21/2
1070 Wien
© Pona sonst nix GmbH & Co KG

60% organic fruit, 40% sparkling spring water, nothing else.

100% organic. The organic Tarocco oranges and Pink Grapefruit grow on volcanic soil in Sicily and ripe during 330 days of sunshine. Organic apples come from the hills of South Tyrol, where they ripe during 300 days at 900 meters above sea level.

100% trust. PONA personally knows their farmers, who have switched to organic farming over 15 years ago.

60% Mmmhhh! 40% Ahhh! No sugar or additives used. PONA consists of pure organic fruit juice, mixed with spring water and made sparkling. Nothing else.

Great taste, good deed. For every bottle sold we donate to the Austrian Children’s relief organization.

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