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Sunkid GmbH

© Sunkid GmbH
Sunkid GmbH
Industriezone 39
6460 Imst
+43 5412 681 31
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© Sunkid GmbH
© Sunkid GmbH

The Sunkid Magical Carpet is an innovative climbing aid with countless applications in winter and summer.
As a complete provider of innovative logistics solutions, Sunkid also offers a comprehensive selection of small ski lifts.

In addition, Sunkid can point to its competency in the design of theme parks. From simple toys and summer tubing to spectacular ride attractions: Sunkid also provides unique possibilities for increasing the attractiveness of alpine tourist destinations in summer.

Sunkid projects are installed worldwide by our eminent distribution and service partners.

Company ID: 51345 - GW ID(s): 31603