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TZ Tischlerzentrum GesmbH

© TZ Tischlerzentrum GesmbH
TZ Tischlerzentrum GesmbH
Neugasse 36
2244 Spannberg
+43 2538 8628-0
+43 2538 8628-4
© TZ Tischlerzentrum GesmbH
© TZ Tischlerzentrum GesmbH

TZ Austria - a traditional and long-established family-run company from Austria. Best known as reliable and always on time supplier for furniture-fronts, carcass-elements and furniture-components. Over the years the company has specialised on modern surface lamination. With one factory in Austria and one factory on the Asian continent we supply a big variety of customers with perfect products. Moreover, we also offer high-gloss finished parts at different other manufacturing locations.

Today, TZ Austria is one of the most innovative suppliers for furniture industry around the world. This success is based on high quality materials, machines with latest technology, pioneering innovations and highest quality standards at production.

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