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AIP - DI Alfred Jakob

© AIP - DI Alfred Jakob
AIP - DI Alfred Jakob
Grundsteingasse 40
1160 Wien
+43 1 408 35 57
+43 1 408 35 57 26
© AIP - DI Alfred Jakob

AIP specialises in remote and continuously operating monitoring networks managing complete regions or industry plants in the fields of immission, water quality, radiation protection and meteorology.

From 1983 on monitoring networks have been installed with regions, airports, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, covering from 3 up to 72 monitoring sites by 24/7 operation. All users profit from additionally offered remote support.
Ongoing product development and quality assurance is supervised by the members of the UBIS User Club founded in 1993 - a panel consisting of professional UBIS users.

Company ID: 93 - GW ID(s): 34574