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Finalit Komplett-Steinpflege GmbH

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Finalit Komplett-Steinpflege GmbH
Lange Gasse 8
1080 Wien
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Offered: Services and Know-how

© Finalit Komplett-Steinpflege GmbH

Cleaning, impregnation and conservation products for stone & ceramic
Finalit StoneCare Pty Ltd. Wishes to present itself and its products, services and onsite facilities to representatives of architectural firms and construction companies and also consumers.

The proper cleaning, pre-treatment and impregnation before laying and for already laid natural and artificial stone surfaces is important to avoid efflorescence and discolouration.

Finalit StoneCare Pty Ltd. has developed and supplies cleaning, impregnation and conservation products as well as the know-how for their application and use.

For further informations please contact:
Ms. Miriam Mancuso, Mr. Nicolas Mancuso
Finalit StoneCare Pty Ltd Australia
Leichhardt NSW 2040
PO Box 1021
Sydney Australia
Company ID: 25470 - GW ID(s): 28319