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Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH

© Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH
Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH
Herrenau 5
6706 Bürs
+43 5552 201-0
+43 5552 201-1899

Wanted: Sales Partners

© Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH

Vibration & noise control solutions
Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH specialises in the manufacture and application of polyurethane materials.

Sylomer ® and Sylodyn ® have many applications in both the cellular and the more solid forms:

• In railway: Rail pads, baseplate pads, ballast mats, sleeper pads, mass-spring systems etc.
• In building: Building supports, foot-step sound insulation etc.
• ln industry: Bearings for machinery (chillers, air conditioners, pumps etc.), various construction parts

Getzner Werkstoffe is seeking contacts to railway companies, construction companies, consultants, local authorities etc.

Company ID: 1022 - GW ID(s): 32991