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Greiner Extrusion GmbH

© Greiner Extrusion GmbH
Greiner Extrusion GmbH
Friedrich-Schiedel-Straße 1
4542 Nußbach
+43 05 41 - 0
+43 5 41 - 41631
© Greiner Extrusion GmbH
© Greiner Extrusion GmbH

Greiner Extrusion is a member of the Greiner Extrusion Group, a worldwide leading supplier of extrusion lines, tooling and complete systems for profile extrusion in the area of windows & doors, building & construction and technical profiles. Greiner Extrusion successfully focuses on the production of profile equipment for PVC windows and doors and supports its customers from profile design to complete profile production plants.

The company has developed a wide range of technological innovations for optimization of the extrusion processes. The result is more attractive profile surfaces, more precise contours, reduced material usage, greater machine availability, more reliable processes, shorter tooling and maintenance times, lower costs per running meter of profile and lower overall operating costs.

Company ID: 68350 - GW ID(s): 32019