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my-PV GmbH

© my-PV GmbH
my-PV GmbH
Neuzeuger Straße 43
4523 Neuzeug
+43 7259 39328
© my-PV GmbH
© my-PV GmbH

my-PV is the specialist for "hot water from photovoltaic power". Since its establishment
my-PV has intensively focussed on innovations in the field of storage technology.

In 2014 two grant-aided research projects finally culminated in the development of the ELWA system, which just uses water as a storage medium for solar power.

Since then my-PV has concentrated on the development and production of the ELWA range. With AC ELWA there is now a perfect solution for utilising surplus PV power.

Company ID: 287400 - GW ID(s): 35767