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Prosoft Süd Consulting GmbH

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Prosoft Süd Consulting GmbH
Lavamünd 70
9473 Lavamünd

Wanted: Sales Partners

© Prosoft Süd Consulting GmbH

Train analysis systems and logistical support
Safety, optimization, and analysis of rolling stock

Prosoft Süd Consulting is seeking cooperation and distribution partners for the following products:

RFID train detector "rail-Reader":
- Collection and analysis for wagon train configuration
- RFID wagon number recognition
- Assignment of data to specific wagons and axles

Noise analysis system "WALEM":
- Detection of noise emission according to TSI
- Analysis of emissions for technical problems

Seat availability data "FreeSEAT":
-Detection and reporting empty seat capacity in transportation vehicles

Company ID: 213405 - GW ID(s): 36531