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Rößler Waffen GmbH

© Rößler Waffen GmbH
Rößler Waffen GmbH
Prof. Schlosser-Straße 31
6330 Kufstein
+43/5372/908 10
+43/5372/908 11
© Rößler Waffen GmbH
© Rößler Waffen GmbH

Handcraft meets high-tech.

Rößler Waffen GmbH is a small sized family firm based in Kufstein and has been producing high-quality hunting guns "Made In AUSTRIA" under the brand name ‘Rößler AUSTRIA’ since 1996.

The TITAN ® brand has been recognised and valued by the hunting community throughout Europe. TITAN ® carries conviction with its precision and ease of handling in action, its intuitive serviceability, solid workmanship and elegance . All-round reliable guns with personality and flexibility. The hunting guns can be individually constructed and thus meet the hunter’s wishes precisely.

Company ID: 57049 - GW ID(s): 33911