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Austria is at the forefront of the global technology race

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8 September 2011

Identify opportunities for cooperation with leading Austrian technology enterprises.

Austrian companies are among the best in the world, particularly in the fields of environmental engineering and energy, life sciences, infrastructure and traffic technology, as well as mechanical and power plant engineering, automation, and communication technology. Leaders in research and development, they offer products and services characterised by cutting-edge innovation, which enjoy strong worldwide demand.

Austrian enterprises often participate in international cooperation initiatives with their highly specialised technologies - examples include developments in the European space programme.

You can find more information on cutting-edge technology from Austria, the top players in research and development and details on cooperation opportunities in the technology sector in the latest issue of FRESH VIEW:

FRESH VIEW on Technologies, No 147/2011 (English/Chinese)

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FRESH VIEW on Technologies, No 147/2011, part 1 (en/zh) [pdf, 6,224.2kb]
FRESH VIEW on Technologies, No 147/2011, part 2 (en/zh) [pdf, 4,048.3kb]