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CLT- What’s new?

20 December 2017

CLT or Cross Laminated Timber is the engineered wood of the future. In Australia, the potential of CLT is being discovered through active use by companies such as Lendlease and Strong Build. With over 80% of the global CLT being produced in Austria, leading Austrian companies such as Stora Enzo, KLH, Hasslacher Norica Timber and Binderholz will make sure these demands are met for various Australian CLT projects.  

An update on few current or recently completed CLT projects:

Second International House, Barrangaroo South, Sydney: Following the successful footsteps of the first International House by Lend Lease, a second International House adjacent to the first one has been kicked off. This sister creation will be at least 50% larger and offer one of the last chances for a commercial and workplace building in Barrangaroo South. As with the first International House, the timber will be sourced from Stora Enzo Austria. Their collaboration has resulted in successful and magnificent CLT buildings in Australia.

25 King Street, Brisbane: Lend Lease is to deliver another sustainable and eco-friendly timber building in Brisbane. 25 King is set to become the tallest and largest engineered timber office building in the world. 25 King Street is to be completed in 2018, joining the list to be Lendleases’ 5th engineered timber building in Australia. Following the previous successes, the timber will be sourced directly from Austria. This places Lendlease in the forefront in building sustainable, zero waste and low carbon emission buildings in Australia.

Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Primary School: CLT and Glulam are transforming learning experience for students, increasing productivity and decreasing other health parameters such as increased heart rate and school-related stress levels. An old Telstra Training center, North Strathfield Sydney will be transformed to a first of its kind timber school building in Australia. It has new glulam portal frames, CLT walls and a unique CLT slab/ acoustic ceiling system. CLT walls will be sourced from the Austrian company KLH.

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20 December 2017