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Rhomberg Rail Australia begins work for the Newcastle Light Rail Project

Rhomberg Rail, Newcastle
20 December 2017

Rhomberg Rail Australia, together with Downer EDI and NSW Transport begins the work for the eagerly awaited Newcastle Light Rail Project.

For Rhomberg Rail Australia this has been one of the biggest projects contracted to them, the company is in charge of delivering the installation of all rail and special track including turnouts, crossovers, switch machines and insulated rail joints. In addition, Rhomberg is delivering all track related concrete and reinforcement works as part of their contract.

The Newcastle Light Rail Project is a milestone project for the city which will bring major development into the area. The light rail runs for 2.7 kilometers of double track from Newcastle interchange at Wickham to Pacific Park in Newcastle East, which is less 200 meters away from the pristine Newcastle Beaches, a popular local and tourist attraction. It is estimated to provide transport solutions to approximately 1200 people per hour, making it a key infrastructure project for Newcastle.

Rhomberg Rail Australia also has other significant projects in areas of construction, design, rail structures, resurfacing and maintenance; Sydney Freight Terminal Crane Rail Redevelopment, Central and Northwest Bridge Replacement Project and Adelaide Metropolitan Rail upgrade project to name a few.

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20 December 2017