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Leitner GmbH

© Leitner GmbH
Leitner GmbH
Michael-Seeber-Straße 1
6410 Telfs
+43 5262 621 21
+43 5262 621 21 3180
© Leitner GmbH
© Leitner GmbH

Innovation since 1888. Ropeway system produced by LEITNER ropeways are in operation worldwide and perform a variety of roles with long-term success. In the tradition of the company they bring skiers and snowboarders comfortably, safely and quickly to the slopes. Ropeways by LEITNER are increasingly used for alternative purposes; they transport people to tourist attractions and also help to solve traffic problems in cities.

Detachable gondola and chair lifts, aerial tramways, funiculars, inclined elevators, fixed-grip ski lifts as well as material ropeways.
The company offers high-tech solutions and its products are noted for their premium quality, high functionality and sophisticated design

Company ID: 510 - GW ID(s): 32748