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Geppert GmbH

© Geppert GmbH
Geppert GmbH
Geppertstrasse 6 Hall in Tirol
6060 Hall
+43 5223 577880
+43 5223 577882
© Geppert GmbH
© Geppert GmbH

The core competences of Geppert GmbH are planning, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of electro-mechanical equipment for hydro power plants from the end of the pressure pipeline to feeding into the grid (water to wire solutions).

The core competence is the planning, manufacturing and installation of water turbines (Pelton and Francis turbines, diagonal and Kaplan turbines) up to 20 MW.

The firm also produces emergency shutdown valves (butterfly valves, ball valves, slide valves) for hydroelectric power plants.

Company ID: 1013 - GW ID(s): 35818