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Geoprospectors GmbH

© Geoprospectors GmbH
Geoprospectors GmbH
Wienersdorfer Strasse 20
2514 Traiskirchen
+43 2252 508165-0
+43 0664 888 66 724
© Geoprospectors GmbH
© Geoprospectors GmbH

Geoprospectors develops and assembles robust and motorized survey systems for the detailed investigation and evaluation of various soil structures.

Only non-invasive geophysical technologies, such as electromagnetic induction, ground penetrating radar and gamma ray spectroscopy etc., are used.

The geophysical data can be transformed into 3D maps for applications in agriculture, utilities mapping as well as environmental mapping and monitoring.

The core competencies of Geoprospectors are systems production, systems development and systems integration, as well as implementing prospecting services.

Company ID: 284563 - GW ID(s): 37044