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Greiner Tech.Profile GmbH

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Greiner Tech.Profile GmbH
Friedrich-Schiedel-Straße 1
4542 Nußbach
+43 5 041-42900
+43 5 041-42901…

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© Greiner Tech.Profile GmbH

Greiner Tech.Profile: Technology leader in extrusion technology!
Technology by innovation

Greiner Tech.Profile operates worldwide in the field of plastic profile extrusion and offers customer-specific solutions for the following product areas: WPC, cable conduits, guttering, foam profiles, XXL profiles, all types of technical profiles and innovative complete concepts.

Greiner Tech.Profile implements projects with standard materials (PVC, WPC, PP, PE, ABS etc.). PC, ABS, PA, etc. can also be produced for specialised suppliers or materials research institutions.

Company ID: 369 - GW ID(s): 30938