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primeCROWD GmbH

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primeCROWD GmbH
Siebenbrunnengasse 17/7
1050 Wien

Wanted: Direct Customers

Contacts to investors who invest in start-ups

As primeCROWD operates internationally, it seeks private investors interested in prime startups. They should be in the high-income group, because the minimum primeCROWD investment is 10.000 EUR.

The following target groups are of particular interest:

- Undertakings
- Top Managers
- Bankers
- Lawyers
- Doctors

primeCROWD is also seeking international goodwill ambassadors, who believe in the concept of primeCROWD and have access to a good network of investors or start-ups.

For further information, please contact:
Mag. Markus Kainz
Telephone: +4369913530343
Company ID: 293474 - GW ID(s): 36269