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SANO Transportgeraete GmbH

© SANO Transportgeraete GmbH
SANO Transportgeraete GmbH
Am Holzpoldlgut 22
4040 Lichtenberg bei Linz
+43/7239/510 10
+43/7239/510 10-14

Wanted: Sales Partners

© SANO Transportgeraete GmbH

Mobile electric stairclimber – Transport devices for cargo and persons

SANO constructs LIFTKAR electric stairclimbers for cargo and persons such as:

• LIFTKAR Cargo (SAL, HD) for cargo transport up to 330 kg.
Field of application: transport of vending machines, beverages, photocopiers and other heavy loads.

Are you interested? Please e-mail the company direct at:
Company ID: 55 - GW ID(s): 36239