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Dr. Hanns Schürff-Gasse 7a/13
2340 Mödling
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© Candol Produktions- und HandelsgesmbH
© Candol Produktions- und HandelsgesmbH

SUBETAGE supplies two product categories, "Magic Linen" tablecloths and "Miracle Lamps" table lamps, under the Candola brand name.

Candola "Magic Linen" tablecloths possess the following characteristics:

• easy-care
• virtually non-iron
• do not shrink in the wash
• available in many colours
• more economical than other tablecloths

The environmentally-friendly Candola table lamps "Miracle Lamps" impress with their clean, odourless flame. When the refill is empty just replace it with a new one. And it burns for longer than a candle - up to 120 hours.

High quality paper napkins and menus complete the range.

Company ID: 171373 - GW ID(s): 36006