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mils electronic gesmbh & cokg

© mils electronic gesmbh & cokg
mils electronic gesmbh & cokg
Leopold-Wedl-Straße 16
6068 Mils
+43/5223/577 10-0
+43/5223/577 10-110

Wanted: Direct Customers

"Unbreakable Communication Security"  © mils electronic gesmbh & cokg

Highly secure and independent encryption technology
for the protection of highly sensisitive communications

We are seeking government end customers who are interested in highly-secure communications.

Typical customers of mils electronic are:
Defence ministries, secret services, foreign ministries, interior ministries and presidential offices.

mils electronic has 66 years of experience in this industry and is regarded as a market leader for the strongest encryption methods. We offer solutions for sensitive data communication.

Company ID: 98 - GW ID(s): 29865