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bit media e-solutions GmbH

© bit media e-solutions GmbH
bit media e-solutions GmbH
Kärntner Straße 337
8054 Graz
+43 316 286 66 0-0
+43 316 286 66 0-50

Offered: Services and Know-how

© bit media e-solutions GmbH

education | e-government | e-solutions

Development and implementation of projects in the education, e-government and e-solutions sectors.

bit media is the market leader with numerous products:
• e-learning content
• Learning management system
• School management system
• e-testing

bit media also supports the development and modernisation of schools, colleges and universities - above all in the vocational education and training sector.
e-Justice solutions such as e-notary, e registers and much more are also provided.

Company ID: 77762 - GW ID(s): 36570