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DHL Relay Race 2017

30. August 2017

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Copenhagen participated with two teams in the world’s largest relay race.

Known as “the world’s largest company running festival”, the DHL Relay Race has been sponsored by DHL for more than 20 years. This year it took place in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and Southern Jutland. In Copenhagen it was held for the 37th time with more than 3,000 participating companies, clubs, associations and private teams making up a total of nearly 125,000 runners and walkers distributed in 24,193 teams.

For 5 days Fælledparken in Copenhagen was filled with thousands of runners and walkers participating in either a 5 x 5 kilometre relay race or in a 1 x 5 kilometre walk. The two teams of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Copenhagen met up after work in pleasant surroundings for a five kilometre walk. Among the 1,000 walking teams participating on the second day the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA teams earned the excellent places 104 and 105 with 51:06 and 51:07 respectively.

There was also an area in the park for those who had brought their family and friends along. After the walk, the light from thousands of torches, the buzz of conversation and the smell of barbecues created a special atmosphere of Danish hygge all over the park.