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Christof Group Biodiesel plants



29. August 2007

The industrial plant construction company from Graz - the Christof Group - has made the development of biodiesel plants a core component. The focus is on South Eastern Europe. The ambitious target is a turnover increase from EUR 158.5 m to more than EUR 200 million in 2007.

The boss and owner of the Christof Group, Johann Christof jun. is happy that a third of total turnover is generated by biofuels - expected to be more than EUR 200 million this year. Southern Europe is a key market for alternative energy sources. Next year should see the erection of biodiesel plants in Croatia and Romania by a subsidiary. A total annual capacity of 210,000 tonnes is planned. The Christof Group is currently working on a biodiesel plant in Gaishorn, Styria with a capacity of 60,000 tonnes. This plant is set to begin operations next year.