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Telekom Austria Group is interested to work on the Belarusian fixed-line telephony market.

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Telecom Austria Group which owes 70% of the first Belarusian GSM operator VELCOM is interested to enter the Belarusian fixed-telephony market, said to Interfax the chief executive director SB Telecom Ltd. in charge of VELCOM Mr. Helmut Duhs.

" I want very much that in Belarus the process of competition on the fixed-line telephony market speeds up. That is one of the conditions for the country to enter the WTO. ", - said Mr. Duhs to Interfax during the conference “ Waltzing through Europe” held in Brussels .

" I very much welcome the decision of Belarus to enter the WTO, where one of the conditions for the membership is the competition in the segment of mobile and fixed-line telephony. The first segment is already under the competition , it will surely appear on the second segment. From our side we are ready to offer help in organising a fair competition – said Mr. Duhs .

" As for our presence on the segment of the fixed - line telephony in Belarus , if we are sure that we are able to stand the competition and to offer the best choice for the clients, we will be of course interested to enter this market. ", - said Mr . Duhs . In particular H . Duhs considers as attractive the segments of international calls and the wide-band internet access .

According to him “a demonopolised fixed-line telephony is a key condition for decreasing the tariffs on international calls and roaming for VELCOM subscribers ".

As it was reported before, the government of Belarus is considering a possibility to demonopolise the services of the state operator Beltelecom in connection with the announced plans of entering the WTO. The ministry of communications of Belarus has worked out a draft law providing for possibilities of rendering the international telecommunication services through alternative to Beltelecom channels.