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Austria’s agricultural exports continued to increase in 2017

14. February 2018

There has been no let-up in demand for agricultural produce from Austria – the goods exported in 2017 had a total value of more than EUR 11.1 billion, with major trading partners including Germany, Italy and the USA.

AMA-Marketing ’s first projected calculations suggest that Austria’s agricultural exports increased in value by some 7% to EUR 11.1 billion in 2017. Total export volumes over the same period were up too, by about 3%.

Accounting for a third of Austria’s total exports of agricultural produce and foodstuffs (EUR 3.9 billion/+7%), Germany is the country’s leading trading partner, followed by Italy on EUR 1.3 billion (+5.4%). Similar rises were recorded in exports to the neighbouring nations of Switzerland (EUR 430 million/+8.3%), Hungary (EUR 418 million/+0.4%), Slovenia (EUR 311 million/+4.1%) and the Czech Republic (EUR 310 million/+16.2%), not to mention the Netherlands (EUR 302 million/+8.8%), France (EUR 249 million/+4.9%) and Poland (EUR 233 million/+12.2%).

Exports to the US showed particularly strong growth, up 14.8% to EUR 862 – a result that makes the US Austria’s third most important export market.

The most important product groups to be exported continue to be alcohol-free drinks, meat and meat preparations, and milk and milk products.

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9. February 2018