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15. September 2011 - 17. September 2011

3rd Cross Street, Institutional Area, Taramani   M S Swaminathan Research Foundation
Hans-Joerg Hoertnagl, Austrian Trade Commissioner

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15. September 2011 - 17. September 2011B.49;B.46;B.47Mobile Plus - conference, Chennai 3rd Cross Street, Institutional Area, Taramani  
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Austrian Companies Co-organise Mobile Plus, an International Conference on Inclusive Growth through Mobile Applications  

The Mobile Plus conference addresses technology and information design challenges for bringing relevant content via mobile phone to people who would otherwise have no access to such information. It will investigate what formats of communication are appropriate and understandable in order to empower people, facilitate exchange and promote inclusive growth.

The Austrian-founded International Institute for Information Design (IIID) with headquarters in Vienna is co-organiser of the event together with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) and the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF). The three institutions bring their respective strengths to the conference: Information Design, Industrial Design, and field work for sustainable development using ICT applications.

Four Austrian member organisations of IIID are instrumental in staging Mobile Plus and presenting Information Design competence to delegates of the conference:
· Simlinger Informations-Design GmbH – guiding systems for public transport, hospitals, science parks, malls and other environments

· is-design Gmbh – usability and readability of medical information, inclusive interaction and environmental design

· High Performance Vienna GmbH ( – information design at the intersection of marketing and sales and community building

· taliaYsebastian – industrial design studio for human centred design concepts

As speakers at the conference and in a joint stand as part of the “Technology Pavilion” the four companies and IIID introduce their services and knowhow. Further opportunities for cooperation will be explored.

  MobilePlus Programme