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Austria Showcase FMCG, Luxury & Lifestyle

13. November 2013 - 16. November 2013
Delhi, Mumbai

Event details

13. November 2013 - 16. November 2013B.48;B.21;B.46;B.38;B.27Austria Showcase FMCG, Luxury & Lifestyle

For the first time, we, the Austrian Trade Commission, are organizing a high-level Austria Showcase Event in the fields of FMCG, Luxury & Lifestyle.

Well-known Austrian luxury and lifestyle brands in the segments interior design, food, beverages, fashion etc… will present their products and companies at the Austria Showcase Gala on the evening of November 13th in front of a selected audience (150-200 people, opinion leaders, possible business partners, clients, the who-is-who of Delhi´s society and the press…). We are confident that this unique event will strengthen the ties between Austria and India even further.

Please find a list of participating Austrian companies as follows: