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Palfinger establishes Regional Headquarter in India

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12. June 2009

The Austrian company Palfinger, manufacturer of truck mounted cargo loader cranes, has opened its regional headquarter in Chennai

Messrs. Palfinger , the global market leader of truck mounted cargo loader cranes, have opened their regional headquarter in Chennai. The 100% entity of the Palfinger Group is responsible for importing, marketing and providing technical support for Palfinger products. Today, Palfinger has a production capacity of about 20.000 cranes and employs more than 4000 employees worldwide. In 2008 Palfinger’s turnover exceeded INR 5000 cr.

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Palfinger Truck-Mounted Crane 

“We have no doubt that the success story that began 1932 in Austria, can be extended to the Indian market. Indian companies are open for state-of-the-art technologies that enable them to increase revenues, customer satisfaction and reduce costs” explains .Palfinger Cranes India Pvt. Ltd. “It is important to win the trust of lead customers who will refer the benefits and service support to other customers. Once a reasonable number of truck cranes are on the road, the advantages can be easily seen by any businessman”.
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Dr. Christoph Rauch 

Currently Palfinger focuses on sales of 6mt up to 38mt cranes and hookloaders. The trained sales and service personnel is ready to discuss the features and benefits of Palfinger products. More details on Palfinger products can be found at