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Hartchrom-Haslinger Surface Technology in India 

29. March 2011

Messrs Hartchrom-Haslinger - Austria, specialist in surface technology for anti-corrosion and wear- resistant protection, have entered into a joint venture with Mumbai – based Sonak Industries

A joint-venture between Hartchrom Haslinger and Sonak Industries, was recently inaugurated in Mumbai. The new company, Sonak Work Roll Company Ltd. will offer hard chrome plating of work rolls for steel and rolling mills, in in particular those which manufacture outer sheets for motor vehicles. Messrs. Sonak Industries have 70% equity while the balance is held by Messrs. Hartchrom Haslinger.

  © Haslinger

Hard chrome plating of work rolls 

  © Hartchrom Haslinger

Sonak Industries visiting Hartchrom Haslinger in Linz