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Crowdfunding for clean water

21. August 2013

Starting on August 20, 2013, the Austrian social enterprise Helioz will try to raise the funds necessary to prove that millions of people around the world can be granted access to safe drinking water using only the power of the sun and an innovative device called WADI. The money will be collected through the crowdfunding platform and will help finance an unprecedented health impact study in India.

Safe drinking water by using the power of the sun? What may sound like a fairytale stands at the center of the Austrian startup Helioz. Helioz developed a UV-measurement device that tracks the progress of solar water disinfection in a PET-bottle. Simply attach WADI to a bottle filled with contaminated water, lay it in the sun and wait for the smiley face to appear. Thanks to the power of the sun’s UV-rays and WADI’s continuous measurement, you can be sure the water is safe to drink. Helioz will use the money they raise on Indiegogo to conduct a scientific health impact study in India, where 400,000 children under the age of 5 die as a result of waterborne diseases each year. The study aims at proving WADI’s effectiveness by verifying at least a 50% reduction of waterborne diseases by use of WADI. Starting on August 20, 2013, anyone can join the campaign and be among the first to receive a WADI or even to win a trip to India to take part in the study along with the Helioz team - See the transformative effect of WADI and be part of the solution for one of the biggest problems facing humanity – the water crisis.

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Company Information:
Helioz is an Austrian social enterprise that provides affordable and efficient tools to low-income households, humanitarian organizations and emergency aid organizations around the globe.

Martin Wesian, Founder and CTO
+43 1 585 000 444